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How to Publish a Book – Title Registration

Registering your book title is one of the earliest stages in how to publish a book. Whether you are self-publishing or assisted independently publishing, this is an absolute must. Moreover, all authors with intentions on selling their book into the public must do so.

Title Registration Process

Through Ocean Reeve Publishing we send you a form to complete that gives us an overview of the manuscript. Moreover, we ask for an estimated price, description, genre, author(s), and obviously, its title. From here we will register an ISBN to your book with Thorpe Bowker. This is the first official step in how to publish a book.

An ISBN is an International Standard Book Number consisting of 13 numbers. It’s a product identifier used by publishers, booksellers, and libraries for ordering, listing, and stock records. Furthermore, the ISBN identifies the registrant as well as the specific information. Consequently, it is always the publisher of the book who should apply for the ISBN. For the purposes of assisted independent publishing where we also market the published book through our distribution network, Ocean Reeve Publishing will issue one of our ISBN’s to your title. This is done for the sole reason that the distribution network we access will recognise it as a trade standard publication.

Barcode and Title Listings

From there, we produce your barcode. This goes on the back cover of your completed publication. A barcode is generated from the ISBN number and often has a price built into it, along with the publisher logo above it.

When looking at how to publish a book, we need to also register the title with the appropriate legal bodies. Consequently, this is with the National Library in the country you are publishing is the next step. Furthermore, by doing this, we have an obligation to send the book to them. This can be either a physical or eBook version. However, it goes to both State and National Libraries as an official record.

 Finally, we list the title in full through Nielsen’s Book Data so that the world is aware your book exists. Furthermore, there are updates made to Nielsen’s and Thorpe Bowker once published. Additionally, many other online database entries once we hit the distribution stage.

What’s The Next Step?

Simply use the links below to enquire about our title registrations services and discuss your first steps into becoming a published author.

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