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We have engaging and informative speakers at your disposal. We are always looking to further increase education and knowledge in the book publishing space. As the industry continues to grow, evolve and reshape, Ocean Reeve Publishing is committed to keeping ontop of the latest trends and developments. We feel we have a duty to share this infomration with the creative community. 

Below are our top speakers and their focus topics in the publishing space. Take a look and reach out if you would like to enquire about any or all of them to entertain, educate and inspire your organisation or business.

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Dianna Booher


It’s a new age for book publishing and a new age for authors. Trying to manage the minefield of information to become published in today’s era has never been more challenging. Traditional publishers are tightening their funnels, literary agents are being more specific, distributors are struggling, self-publishing has become a myriad of uncertainties. Authors need clarity, guidance and positive direction into their options, the pros and cons, marketing requirements and connection with other creative people.

​In 2020, Ocean Reeve Publishing is presenting a series of FREE seminars on the book publishing industry, options for authors, the distribution and marketing process, print options (print-on-demand, digital and offset) so that attendees will feel secure in their knowledge to make the choice that is right for them. This comprehensive 2-hour presentation will inspire the attendees to not only create and publish, but to succeed in their journey to bring their story to life!

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The 2020 Ocean Reeve Publishing Seminar Speaker Team

Our Individual Keynote or Conference Speakers

Ocean Reeve - Keynote and Conference Speaker

Ocean is an experienced international speaker and trainer and has presented at over 150 seminars and conferences over the last 11 years. His onstage energy is infectious, weaving the at-times shocking true story of his shadowy gang history into the survival strategies he needed to create an inspired life. As a keynote speaker he is utterly unique; interspersing anecdotes from his awe-inspiring creative journey with practical and tangible advice that leave the audience captivated. Ocean’s path from adopted and bullied child to Award-Winning publishing manager to international speaker and author coach is compelling, authentic and inspirational. Ocean has a passionate commitment to ensure we all live creatively from parents & educators, to millennials & baby boomers, to leaders & CEOs. 


  • Publishing in the 20s – the new era (an overview of the state of play in the book publishing industry).
  • The Assisted Independent Publishing Process (the steps to become a succesfully published author and make a profit).
  • more on Ocean’s speaking topics here.

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Josh Clifton - Keynote and Conference Speaker

Working in the fast-paced industry of hospitality and creativity, Joshua Clifton has developed methods and strategies to deal with and minimise high-stress workloads, managing multiple teams and conflict resolutions. His background in marketing also makes him a key person of influence to create strategies to attract customers through social media and strategic partnerships. He will undoubtedly help you handle your toughest workplace situations, create an unbreakable work culture and engage with your customers on a whole new level. His extensive knowledge in digital and creative marketing in the book publishing industry is captivating. As a speaker, Josh will ensure you are inspired to take action.


  • Digital and Creative Book Marketing – (a comprehensive presentation on the ‘must-do’s’ for authors as the look to promote and market themselves and their books.
  • Social Media Strategies – (how to correctly utilise the core social media platforms to leverage yourself as an author).
  • more on Josh’s speaking topics here.

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Jason Smith - Keynote and Conference Speaker

Jason Smith is a committed fiction writer with extraordinary talent, publishing manager for Ocean Reeve Publishing, business owner and philanthropist. Utilising value-focused goal setting, transparent communication and a strategic workflow process, the millennial is able to show a greater buy-in and resilience to workplace challenges. Vision, Belief, Commitment. All necessary areas of professional development for any entrepreneur. However, there is a large contingent of millennial entrepreneurs that are lacking in this space. Whilst they may have a great idea, vision or plan for their future; when the implementation of this vision begins there is often hurdles and blocks in business that they are uncertain on how to combat. Jason has utilised his skillset as a millennial entrepreneur to his creative writing and his workflow.


  • The Assisted Independent Publishing Process (the steps to become a succesfully published author and make a profit)
  • Fiction Writing – (how to set the scene, create tension, develop arcs and hook readers)

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Marisa Parker - Keynote and Conference Speaker

Marisa Parker is an award-winning non-fiction author and the current president of the Gold Coast Writer’s Association. Her experience and knowledge in structuring non-fiction, specifically autobiographical work and memiors, is extensive and fascinating. As a publishing liaison with Ocean Reeve Publishing she has quickly learned the process in bringing a book to life with confidence and ease. Her ability to inspire creative expression is without doubt magnetic and her passion for the written word shows in her presentation style and commitment to literature


  • The Assisted Independent Publishing Process (the steps to become a succesfully published author and make a profit)
  • Non-Fiction Writing – (plan, prepare and set goals; writing styles, editorial process and structure)