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Self Publishing, Traditional, or Assisted – FAQ

We have collected data on the most frequently asked questions Ocean Reeve Publishing receives about self-publishing, assisted independent publishing and traditional publishing. We have done our best to collate them all below, but if there is anything else you would like to ask or have clarified, please get in touch. 

What is Ocean Reeve Publishing?

Ocean Reeve Publishing is an assisted independent publishing house. We offer a fee-for-service publishing process that’ll help you get your story out into the world. But what makes us different is we also have a very successful marketing program and modules to support it, and a reputable distribution network. This is different from self-publishing because it is all in one place. Our team of professionally trained creative are heavily involved and invested in the success of your book, like you are.

Ocean Reeve Publishing - bringing stories to life. FAQs on self-publishing, assisted independent and traditional publishing.
Ocean Reeve Publishing – bringing stories to life

What is traditional publishing?

This is when you submit to a commercial publisher and, if they like your book, they will offer you a contract. They take on all the financial responsibilities and oversee the production of the book. You will be offered a contract, an advance against royalties (royalties that have to pay off the advance before you see any royalties), and/or royalties (a percentage of each sale – usually about 7-10%). 

Does that mean I can’t submit my book to you?

Unfortunately, no, we do not offer traditional publishing. 

But I have a bestseller!

You might be surprised, but we hear this all the time. Your book might have a brilliant story and your manuscript might be beautifully written, but that doesn’t guarantee it’s going to be a bestseller. If there was a guaranteed formula, big publishers would be producing bestseller after bestseller. We hope you do have a bestseller. But just know that lots of people think the same thing, and there’s heaps of competition.

Self-publishing, Assisted Independent or Traditional Publishing - Ocean Reeve Publishing

What is self-publishing?

This means that you will need to pay for the services you require, e.g. editing, layout, and cover. Some you might consider optional, e.g. you might get your book independently edited, or edited by a friend who has expertise in this field. However, just because you have a friend who is a journalist doesn’t mean they know how to edit. Some requirements for the production of a book are compulsory, e.g. if you plan to self-publish your book, it will need an ISBN. The main cost of self-publishing is usually printing. Self-publishing also means you manage your marketing and distribution independently with no professional assistance unless you pay for it.

So what do you recommend?

We recommend that every author makes the best decision for them. We have had many experiences that have shown us how Assisted Independent Publishing has bought more satisfaction to new and established authors.  

But if a traditional publisher knocked me back, maybe my book isn’t any good!

Of course, your book may need work. But traditional publishers are generally risk-averse. Their resources – even as far as the big multinational publishers go – are not inexhaustible. There are lots of reasons your book might be declined. They might not consider it marketable. You might’ve submitted an epic fantasy about an evil goblin who takes control of the government, but the publishers might’ve just accepted a similar book and thus not want another. And, possibly, they just might get it wrong. The best example is Harry Potter, which was rejected umpteen times before finding a home. Think of all the publishers who got that call wrong. Often, rejection might simply be because your book isn’t ready.

I’m happy with my book, and I want to self-publish – how can you help?

We offer self-publishing services. This is where you pay for only what you want. For example, you may just want an appraisal or a book cover design or book printing services. Keep in mind, by introducing the full publishing process to your book with our Marketing Mentorship and Distribution network, you are stepping above self-publishers.

Do you have any testimonials of authors you’ve helped in book publishing?

You can find some of our testimonials here

Do you appraise books?

We do offer a manuscript appraisal service, which will provide you a detailed assessment of your manuscript. Review the Manuscript Appraisal page for more information.

How about editing?

We provide a comprehensive editing service. It includes a light structural edit looking at the book’s content, the structure, the cohesiveness of the story, the characters, the plotting, if the prose is under or overwritten, etc., and how it all functions to tell your story. A copyedit looks at the text, line by line, and cleans up grammar, punctuation, misspelling, and will cite any awkward expression. This finished with a final proofread to ensure we have picked up on any final anomalies. Furthermore, this is three different sets of eyes for each part of the editorial process.

I’m happy with where my book is at – what sort of design does it need?

Books are laid out in a professional industry-standard manner using industry software before they’re sent to be printed.

Who do you use to print books?

We will discuss the right print method for your project. POD is a must but for your book run, it will depend on the specifications if it should be digital or offset.

What about a cover?

We also design covers. We will liaise with you, talk about what you need, and submit a draft that you can comment on before we continue.

Book Cover Design with Ocean Reeve Publishing

The question we are most asked is “Why shouldn’t I design the book cover myself?”

Our answer is ‘don’t do it’. You have put a lot of time and energy into your book. Your cover should reflect as much energy and power as your professionally edited text. The person who can provide that is someone who’s trained in graphic design and specialises in book covers.

Bottom line is this … you wouldn’t fix your car engine if you aren’t skilled at it, you’d hire a professional mechanic. The same goes for your book cover design. Yes, it is more expensive than what you can do yourself. However, a professionally designed cover translates into an increase in the number of books sold. People do judge a book by its cover so don’t risk it.

What if I don’t know what I want on the book cover?

That’s okay! We will provide you with a design brief that helps you to assess what you should consider on your cover. This will then give us some information to undertake some concepts for you.

How long does it take to have a book cover designed?

Anywhere between 2-3 days to 2-3 weeks. However, it is usually produced during the final stages of editing, as we need your edited and approved back cover blurb to also be included.

Can I provide you with my own images and text for the cover?

Yes we can use your images and happy to do so but you must have permission to use them commercially. The images will need to be high quality with the following specifications: Colour CMYK – Image size 300dpi (dots per inch) – JPG or file type.

Do I have to pay for images or fonts used on the cover that you select?

No, we have access to an image library where we can choose images and font access is also readily available with thousands to choose from. If you require a licensed font, this will be additional.

How do I credit the book cover designer?

On the imprint/copyright page, we can add: Book Cover designed by Ocean Reeve Publishing Pty Ltd,

My book needs illustrations – do you have somebody who can draw?

Yes, we also offer illustration services, and have four illustrators in our team and can provide their portfolios to see which style works for you.

And promotional material?

We have a promotional package which includes a pull-up banner, 500 business cards, 500 flyers and 500 bookmarks or stickers for $690. This includes the design for each.

How about photography?

Yes. We have one of the best professional photographers in the Gold Coast who is available for portrait photos and book photos. So we’re sure to be able to help with whatever sort of photos you need.

I want to learn more about …

Ocean Reeve Publishing runs various seminars and workshops on publishing. Sign up for our newsletter to find out more about what we have coming up.

How can I find out more about the people behind Ocean Reeve Publishing?

You can check out our team page right here.

Frequently Asked Questions with Ocean Reeve Publishing

This all sounds good. How do I start, what is the process?

These FAQ on assisted independent publishing make your publishing journey simpler because we only provide you with what you need to succeed. Remember, we are here to be of service and will be with you every step of the way, helping you become an Independent Author.

Certain aspects of our publishing process are optional, however, to access our distribution network, we need your manuscript to go through our publishing process. This consists of Title Registration, Editing, Formatting and Book Printing.

The Book Publishing Process

  • Complete the Free Quote form and explain simply what your vision is for the book and you as an author.
  • We give you a quote on the publishing project, including marketing support, based solely on your request. We will also provide you with other recommendations we have to ensure your book can be the best it can be and any tips on minimising your costs.
  • If need be, we will contact you to have a more in-depth discussion at this point to ensure your project meets your expectations and how it should be handled.
  • You approve the final quote and pay the deposit. The deposit is based on stages, so that it is less overwhelming for you and manageable.
  • If editing is required, you will be looked after by a specialist publishing manager. They will guide you through the editing process step-by-step. The same applies to book formatting and cover design. At each one of these stages, we send the manuscript/files to you for review. You need to give the final ok before we move onto the next stage.
  • You review the files and either submit editorial or design revisions or approve them.
  • We produce a physical unbound proof copy for final approval. Once approved, we then print a book run, produce your eBook and, if requested, action distribution.

That’s it! Publishing is meant to be an enjoyable process so our development process is designed to be very client-friendly. We will communicate with you at every step of the process. We are only a phone call or email away.