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At Ocean Reeve Publishing, we want to ensure that we are offering the best information, updates and resources authors and writers. As a writer, a author, it is important you learn to network, connect and engage with your readers and wider community. An excellent place to start is with like-minded individuals and organisations.

Furthermore, we feel that due diligence in the book publishing industry is everything, so we have included links to reputable organisations that you can call on for feedback, assistance, guidance and support.

If your company or website is not listed below and you feel you are a good resource for authors and writers, please email us at info@oceanreeve.com and we can discuss adding you to our list.

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The following are organisations or companies that are leading the field in creative support for writers. As far as resources for authors go, the list below are highly recommended and we encourage you to review them all and become mebers of the ones that would best suit your needs. For example; if you are an author in the Gold Coast looking for resources to assist you then the Queensland Writers’ Centre would be the logical place to start. 

Examining the correct connections and resources for you as an author is critically important. The reason being is that once published, you as an author need to market your book. This process begins with connections, engagement and building a fan base or following. There is no better place to start as an author than to tap into the resources and information centres offering support in your niche. Furthermore, it is logical to connect with other writers and share expernces, tools, strategies and resources to further grow your skills.

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Writers’ Groups in Australia


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IN AUSTRALIA (Western Australia)

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