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The Ocean Reeve Publishing team is based in both the Gold Coast and Brisbane. We work face-to-face with authors here in Queensland, around Australia and internationally. It is paramount that the publishing team working with you understands the most critical elements on how to publish a book, therefore all our team are professionally trained and qualified in their field of expertise.

In addition, they need to understand your vision and be empathetic and patient so the authors have time and space to understand the process and respond effectively. Finally, our entire team love what they do, so you can feel confident they will positively guide you on your way to becoming an author SUPERHERO.

Meet the Brisbane and Gold Coast publishers that work tirelessly for you and your publishing vision. A team that stands out from the rest, using our expertise (superpowers) to help you (the author) become confident, empowered, inspired and conclude with a product (your book) that is the best it can be.

Also below are affiliates and partner companies we work with to ensure we maintain the highest standards of publishing and creative expression. 

No matter what you do, your job is to tell your story.

Gary Vaynerchuk

Publishing Team – CEO – Ocean Reeve (Gold Coast)

Managing Director/Marketing Mentor/Published Author

‘Creative Expression can beat Depression. It is through our creativity that we find our calling and true purpose!’ 

Ocean Reeve - Ocean Reeve Publishing TeamOcean (Superman) is usually your first point-of-call when enquiring about bringing a book to life. Don’t be surprised if his first question is ‘what is your vision?’ As a result, Ocean can tailor an assisted independent book publishing and marketing package for you. In addition to this, once your manuscript is in the process with the publishing team, Ocean then guides you into the Book Marketing Mentorship program where either he, or fellow mentor Thor (Joshua Clifton) will help set the stage for you to launch. Another role Ocean owns is leading the Writing Non-Fiction mentoring program helping authors from idea to completed manuscript. In addition to this, Ocean is the past-president of the Gold Coast Writers’ Association, and most noteworthy, is committed to inspiring book publishing in Australia and the world. As publishers in Gold Coast and Brisbane, Ocean ensures he is actively participating in local events and conferences within the industry space.

Publishing Team – COO – Jason Smith (Brisbane)

Publishing Manager/Operations/Fiction Writer

‘As an author you must have Vision – then take Action on that Vision, Believe you can achieve it and stay Committed!’ 

Jason 'The Flash' SmithJason (The Flash) works directly with each author managing them through the publishing process. He leads the publishing team in Brisbane and Gold Coast. This includes everything from title registration through to book printing. His focus and efficiency often means he has over 60 authors in process at one time, multiple print jobs in the system both here in Australia and overseas – many of which he will personally deliver to the authors so that customer experience remains close throughout the whole process. Similarly, Jason manages the publishing team who are working on each component of your manuscript. Another function he has is as a meticulous writer. Due to this, Jason often takes authors through the Writing Fiction mentoring program. Along with this role as operations manager, he is also the Business Development Manager for the Brisbane and Gold Coast publishing offices, where using his millennial mindset, he devises and implements innovative and fresh directions for the company going forward. 

Publishing Team – Vicki Jane Reeve (Gold Coast)


‘Authenticity is the key to living an honest and fulfilling life. It is also essential in the operations of a successful business!’ 

Vicki Jane ReeveVicki Jane (Lois Lane) is the woman behind the man. Often ensuring Ocean has a work/life balance can be challenging, but she manages to ensure he does. Especially when he needs to recharge, Vicki Jane guarantees that Ocean continues to deliver at optimal levels. Moreover, Vicki works behind-the-scenes in the important roles of administration and in marketing Ocean’s events and seminars. Furthermore, she manages the distribution arm of the business ensuring that all Australian orders from individual customers, bookshop and library suppliers are processed and dispatch quickly.

Marketing Team – Joshua Clifton (Brisbane)

Marketing Coordinator/US Distribution Manager

‘To understand marketing, you must understand your customers.’ Joshua 'Thor' Clifton - Ocean Reeve Publishing

Josh (Thor) is a Marketing Mentor and manages US Distribution at Ocean Reeve Publishing, along with being a highly successful debut author. After living and breathing hospitality the majority of his career, Josh was literally head-hunted by Ocean to come on the team as a mentor and bring with him the hospitality hammer of customer service. Working in the fast-paced industry of hospitality, Josh has developed methods and strategies to deal with and minimise high-stress workloads, managing multiple teams and conflict resolutions. His background in marketing also makes him a key person of influence to create strategies to attract customers through social media and strategic partnerships. He will undoubtedly help you handle your toughest marketing concerns, create an unbreakable book marketing culture and engage with your customers on a whole new level. Nicknamed Thor, Josh brings the ‘hospitality hammer’ down to instil a positive and engaging customer/client relationship whilst maintaining strong engagement.

Publishing Team – Marisa Parker (Gold Coast)

Publishing Coordinator/Manuscript Appraiser

‘Don’t underestimate the power of story telling – we all have unique stories that will inspire and impact another person.’ Marisa Parker - Jessica Jones - Ocean Reeve Publishing

Award-winning and 2x published author, Marisa (Jessica Jones) made the step into the publishing industry after experiencing the success of her own work and in seeing the joy created in others in becoming published. Marisa was born in Zimbabwe, Africa. Along with her Scottish husband and two children, they left Africa in 2000 and went to live in New Zealand for six years before moving to Queensland, Australia which is now their home. Since moving to Australia in 2006, Marisa has worked in a university for 11 years where she undertook study as a mature-age student (Master Degree in Project Management); and just recently, she completed a certificate in Editing & Publishing and is now your Publishing Liaison here at Ocean Reeve Publishing along with holding the role of President at the Gold Coast Writers’ Association.

Publishing Team – Kristy Martin (Brisbane)

Lead Editor

‘Whatever you choose to do in life, do what you really love.’ Kristy 'Gamora' Martin - Ocean Reeve Publishing After years of working in finance-based roles, Kristy (Gamora) has finally found her passion. A few years ago, Kristy thought about what she wanted to be when she grew up. Consequently, the advice she was given was, “Do what you really love”. What if you really loved to pick apart the spelling and grammatical errors on Facebook posts and news articles? Why must it be a theirthey’re, and there debacle! As a result, Kristy decided to undertake a Professional Editing and Publishing course. She just knew this is what she wanted to do. Kristy’s role as Lead Editor is to support you, the author. She will help you to polish, snip, and style your words. Moreover, when she edits a manuscript, she is immersed in it. Sentence by sentence, word by word. Above all, Kristy has a great responsibility to ensure that your voice remains heard.

Publishing Team – Sarah Kate Hill (Brisbane)

Publishing Assistant

“If there’s a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.”―Toni Morrisonn 

Sarah Kate Hill (Valkyrie) - Ocean Reeve Publishing

Ever since Sarah Kate (Valkyrie) was introduced to books and stories by her parents at a tiny age, she’s been eager to tell stories of her own. This grew to a dream of becoming a published author and helping other writers to publish their books, too. Sarah began this dream by training and working at an England-based trade publishing company. Since then, Sarah’s lived and worked in Japan as an English content writer and editor, trained to become a chartered proofreader and creative writer, and started writing her books again. She’s recently moved to Australia to live with her partner, who is just as book-loving as she is. Now, Sarah’s living her dream as a fantasy writer and helping superhero authors to live theirs—guiding them through the publishing process as the ORP publishing assistant, proofreader, and website creator. Outside of work, Sarah studies Japanese, is a book and anime otaku, and daydreams about incredible fantasy worlds.

Publishing Team – Beverley Streater (Gold Coast)


‘Everyone has a story to tell.’Publishers Gold Coast and Brisbane Editorial Services

Language has always been a passion for Beverley (Elektra). After completing an undergraduate degree in English literature, she worked in the public sector (human services) where she developed a strong appreciation for effective interpersonal and written expression. Later, as a manager in the public sector, she practised and honed her communication skills through writing policy and procedures, completing a Master of Arts in 2012. In her blog, Classic Women, Beverley muses about life as a baby boomer woman. She enjoys a following of emerging writers on her Facebook page. She also volunteers as a local Justice of the Peace, and as Secretary of the Gold Coast Writers Association, along with being one of the key editors for the Ocean Reeve Brisbane and  Gold Coast Publishing team.

Publishing Team – Jason Martin (Brisbane)


‘Books are a uniquely portable magic.’ – Stephen KingJason 'The Shadow' Martin - Ocean Reeve PublishingBooks have always been a source of inspiration for Jason (The Shadow), who started reading about dinosaurs and other wonders of science in primary school, then discovered the wonders of science fiction through stories like John Christopher’s The Tripods series. Later he discovered the joys of satirical fantasy and science fiction in the venerable masters Douglas Adams and Terry Pratchett. After winning the English subject prize at high school, he envisioned a career in journalism, however life took a different direction, with a series of jobs leading to an eight-year stint as an air traffic controller in the Royal Australian Air Force. It was here Jason had an opportunity to get involved in preparing and delivering training programs, re-igniting his passion for working with words.

Publishing Team – Peta Culverhouse (Brisbane)


‘Books break the shackles of time – proof that humans can work magic.’ – Carl Sagan 

Publishers Gold Coast and Brisbane Book editingPeta (Raven) loves the written word. Her first love is books and the smell of books. Her second love are the stories held within those pages. Peta made a career and life-altering decision in 2017. This was due to the decline in professional employment in the Australian university sector. Peta enrolled in a Masters (Editing and Publishing) at the University of Southern Queensland. Graduating in 2019, and a member of the ORP editing team, Raven loves her new direction in life – as an editor, with aspiring and published authors, and the team. Her love of publishing led her commencing a PhD in 2020. Peta is also an active member of Institute of Professional Editors Limited (IPEd), the Queensland Writer’s Centre (QWC) and the Writer’s Rendezvous Writers Group in Dayboro. Now as part of the Brisbane/Gold Coast Publishers, Ocean Reeve Publishing, Peta has secured her seat within the editorial department.

Raven is an avid reader, a writer, a social media enthusiast, and has been labelled a ‘Gen X Geek girl’ by friends and family. Raven is the slave of a bosphorous grey cat called ‘Shadow’ and a Kelpie called ‘Chad.’ She is happily married to James.

Publishing Team – Darren Vassallo (Gold Coast)


‘Every human being has the potential to show their skills, knowledge, and expertise to benefit others and we are here to let the world know about it.’ Publishers Gold Coast and Brisbane Video Marketing

Darren (Deadpool) is our dedicated video production manager. We regularly visit Darren’s studio in the Gold Coast to record our Creative Corner Author Interviews that we use in book marketing. In addition, he is consequently on outside shoots with us producing book launch promo videos, capturing video footage for online programs and tutorials, recording poetry readings and producing conference videos. Darren has worked with us as publishers in the Gold Coast for three years and is an extreme asset to the team.

Publishing Team – Scott Cameron (Gold Coast)

Audiobook Producer

‘Audiobooks speak for themselves.’ 

Scott 'Smallville' Cameron - Audiobook ProducerScott (Smallville) is our audiobook producer on the Gold Coast. Due to his care, quality and years of experience, our authors are in the best hands (and ears) with Scott at the helm.  Furthermore, he is our number one preferred sound engineer throughout Australia. As a result, we have authors travelling internationally because of his high-quality skills and professional, personable nature. He is an asset to Ocean Reeve Publishing – the publishers in the Gold Coast and Brisbane.


Roxanne McCarty O’Kane


Roxanne McCarty O'Kane WriterRoxanne is a top-level ghost writer dedicated to seeing your vision hit the page. A specialist in non-fiction manuscript development, Roxanne offers various packages in the ghosting process along with managing you and your completed mansucript through the publishing process as a sub-publisher of Ocean Reeve Publishing. In addition, Roxanne regularly runs workshops to help aspiring authors to capture the most powerful form of their message and communicate it in a way that resonates with their ideal reader. Ocean Reeve Publishing partners with reputable providers dedicated to producing quality work and Roxanne is key for developing trade standard manuscripts ready for publishing. Being publishers in Gold Coast and Brisbane means we can expand our network further afield to bring in quality affiliates like Roxanne.


Empowered Publishing


Empowered Publishing - an affiliate of Ocean Reeve PublishingEmpowered Publishing is a sub-publisher of Ocean Reeve Publishing. Empowered Publishing is a collective experience for women, where they have a safe space to tell their stories, be heard and then share it through the written word. If you’re like many women, you struggle with self-belief and self-worth. However, through the support of empowered women, you’ll have a safe environment to open up, to begin to believe in yourself, and release your limitations. You will feel confident in telling your own authentic story and letting your brilliance shine through. In so doing, as you are empowered, you’ll empower others. That’s the beauty and the inspiration of Empowered Publishing.


SHINE Business Women


Shine Business Women-Ocean Reeve PublishingSHINE Business Women is a sub-publisher of Ocean Reeve Publishing and is an organisation whose aim is to Support, Help, Inspire, Nurture and Empower business women of all levels, experience, age, and stature. Their mission is to create opportunities for real conversations, real connections, self-development, and education to enable women to attain new heights in the business arena and to assist them to perform at their absolute best. SHINE choose to work with Ocean Reeve Publishing in the creation of their members’ stories

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