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  • The above prices are including GST and based on a 30,000 word manuscript with up to 10 images being formatted to Demy Book Size (140mm x 216mm) and produced as paperback. Prices will change based on word count and other author requirements.
  • Everybody on our team is professionally trained and qualified in their position and have international industry experience in New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom and Asia.  
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In this new age of book publishing self-publishing packages and offerings are endless. But how do you know which package is right for you? There’s a few important steps we recommend you take before deciding on a publishing package. 

  1. What Is Your Vision? This is the most important factor of your creative journey and in deciding what publishing package is best suited for you. If your vision is simply to bring your book to life and have it available on selling sites such as Amazon, etc. then we would suggest focusing on the BRONZE PUBLISHING PACKAGESimply Self-Publish. But if you are looking at adding another prominent tool to your business or career, or wishing to create a new career for yourself then looking more into the PLATINUM PUBLISHING PACKAGEThe Complete Assisted Independent Publishing Package may be a better fit. The key is to ensure you are choosing a publishing package that best suits your vision.
  2. What Is Your Budget? When looking into bringing your story to life, quite often new authors are looking for all-in-one publishing packages that can be done on a budget. We encourage you to set the budget before you begin researching so that you have drawn a line in the sand from the beginning. Naturally, the publishing package needs to fit all your needs, however going to your research without a dollar figure in mind can be disconcerting. 
  3. What Does Everything Mean? As you are likely to be going through and selecting the packages of interest, it is important that you are aware of what each service on offer actually means. One common area where there is often confusion is in the editorial services on offer. Personally, we recommend either the GOLD or PLATINUM packages as they have the most comprehensive editing services. But what does each mean? How many editors? How often do they go through the manuscript? All excellent questions to ask once you are ready to talk to your chosen publishing company.
  4. Who Are The Publishers? If you have successfully narrowed down your options that appear to fit your vision and budget, it is now time to investigate the publishing house in more detail. Simply to ensure that your vision is understood and the budget you have in mind with the desired publishing package has no additional costs. For example, we make it clear that our packages are based on a 30,000 word manuscript with up to 10 images allowable for the design process. Of course if you have a 120,000 word epic fantasy novel, there would need to be a discussion around the updated costs of your desired publishing package and that may mean a more custom option. Most importantly is your due diligence into the company themselves to make sure they have a solid reputation of professionalism, quality and transparency. To assist with this, review our blog on how to identify publishing scams and do due diligence.
  5. What Services Change If My Word Count Is More Than 30,000? Good question to ask and get clarity on. Word count has implications on the editing process, interior design & typesetting and in printing books. Our editing services are based on word count and a specific rate for each service. For example, full structural editing is more per word than what a post-format proofread would be. Also in the design process, if your book is in excess of 60,000 words then the book size will likely change from Demy (140mm x 216mm) to C-Format US Trade (152mm x 228mm), otherwise your book could be more pages than suitable or needed. Finally, your page count is what determines your print costs. For example we anticipate a 30,000 word manuscript to be formatted to approximately 140 pages at Demy size, whereas a 60,000 word manuscript would likely be closer to 220 pages at C-Format US Trade size. To gain clarity on any increase or decrease in the package costs for your book, please get in touch to discuss.
  6. Can You Pay In Instalments? With Ocean Reeve Publishing’s packages, absolutely. Each package has instalment options listed for your convenience. Our custom and PLATINUM options have even more flexibility which we will outline for you when you enquire. Primarily, our focus is ensuring our authors can publish with ease and not have restrictions like up-front payments or excessive costs that can be blocks to making that first step in expressing your creativity.
  7. Do I Have To Do A Package? No, we have our custom option that allows you to pick and choose the services you need. In some cases, we have authors reach out just for editing, cover design or marketing services. We do not limit our offerings just to packages and to be honest, we prefer tailoring the services to our author so we can suit their vision. The key focus for us to make sure you have options, clarity and confidence in whatever option or package you choose. If you are still unsure, simply call us on +61731173781 or email Ocean directly to discuss.