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Publish & Promote: Zoe Sparks

Zoe Sparks

Zoe Sparks is a 4x published author and affiliate publisher with Ocean Reeve Publishing

Some time ago Zoë started to write travel blogs (some have now been re-posted onto this website or visit www.spectacularworldtravel.com.au for lots more) and whilst travel is one of her greatest passions, she also loves to write on small business and other general topics. Hence why the development of www.zoesparks.com and Spectacular Enterprises.

Writing, travel & events and small business are Zoë’s passions and Spectacular Enterprises allows her to promote her love of all of these, and the opportunity to share them with her readers. Zoë lives to share her travel experiences, loves to talk about small business (particularly assisting women in the SME business arena  and focusing on ‘Reward and Recognition’ programs) and like the majority of us, also tries to follow a happy, healthy and balanced life.

In recent times, Zoë is now gaining momentum and respect as a public speaker, covering the topics she has written about in her three small business books. She is also the developer of SHINE Business Women.

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