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Zac West

Prepare to Soar
Zac West published Prepare to Soar in 2018

Raised on the beautiful Gold Coast, QLD, Australia. Married to Brodie and batting serious overs. Proud father of 3 lunatics; Millie, Moorea and PJ.

I’m short, bald and I’m mastering the dad bod. During the day I’m a primary school teacher, at night an author, on the weekends a mad sports fanatic, any spare chance I get a golf tragic and during winter a suffering Gold Coast Titans fan.

My journey as a primary school teacher began in 2005 and I currently teach Year 6 at Guardian Angels Primary School, Ashmore. Teaching can be a great job and I would call myself an accidental author.   I am a member of the Gold Coast Writers Association.

For years I have played around with words, blogs and my hobby of poetry. I’m a bit of a one trick pony drawn to playing with rhyme about my favourite sporting heroes or world events.  Now, I have taken the leap and written a book. Yes, my English teachers at school wouldn’t believe it either. Maybe this is what they meant by ‘has potential’ or ‘is very social and doesn’t apply himself to his full potential’. Oh well better late than never! I now have the writing bug.

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