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Yogita Ridgley

Yogita Ridgley Author
Yogita published Finding Me Myself and I in 2019

Yogita grew up with very low self-esteem. When you have other children and school teachers laughing at you, calling you names like, stupid, dumb, useless and lazy it is very hard to feel good about yourself.

For some reason, she identified her self-worth based on how well she could read, write and spell, when she was an A+ student in Maths, Science and anything that did not require reading and writing. After finishing school, Yogita took the simple road of Studying Accounting and Economics at University instead of what she wanted to do.

This self-doubt and self-limiting belief she carried with her to her working life and adult life to an extent where she identified herself as a broken person because of Dyslexia. Yogita let depression and negative emotions rule her life and stop her from living to her true potential and see her inner beauty and be her authentic self. It was not until she went on a solo trip ten years ago, where the penny dropped. She aid she can act like a victim, or can take responsibility for her life. From Solo travel, she started to discover herself and her business. “Traveling with Me, Myself and I” was born.

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