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Luke Amery

Luke Amery Ocean Reeve Publishing
Luke Amery – author of Ganbaru Mindset – with fellow creatives

Luke was happily working as an “open-cut” miner in Australia when he began struggling with his physical balance and discovered he had been struck with brain cancer.

As the father of two, working for long periods away from home, he already knew he had been missing out on much. Coupled with the sudden, serious health issue, Luke knew a complete life change was in order.

He became newly driven to take control of his own life as he discovered a new passion, to help others through similar challenges like his.  

Even as he was overcoming his brain cancer. Luke began to realise that he had a different mindset to others going through a similar journey. 

He was applying what he has come to call “Ganbaru Mindset,” explained in his book of the same title.

Today, Luke lives with a sense of making up for lost time, and of the importance of living in the now. He has found new joy in helping others achieve their dreams and wins, through sometimes horrible circumstances, to rediscover their “mojo” along with their true purpose and passion in life, to succeed and be happy.

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Ganbaru Mindset
Ganbaru Mindset