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Marisa Parker

Marisa Parker - Ocean Reeve Publishing Award Winning Author
Marisa Parker published two Award-Winning books; GOODBYE to Italia in 2016 and Ciao! WE’RE IN AFRICA in 2018

Marisa Parker is the middle daughter of Italian parents,
Eugenio Piergiovanni and Maria Martore. Despite a thirteen-year age gap between them, her parents were adventurers and always looked on the bright side of life. Marisa recounted their story in two books (both award-winning).

The first, is GOODBYE TO Italia (2016), and tells of their diverse and courageous experiences during the dreadful World War 2 years, in Italy and Africa. The second, Ciao! WE’RE IN AFRICA (2018), follows her parents, once they marry and decide to risk everything, by leaving Italy for Africa.

Marisa currently lives in the Gold Coast Hinterland, Australia with her husband. They have two grown up daughters who were born in Zimbabwe (Rhodesia), the land of Marisa’s birth. She completed a master’s degree in project management (2012) and just recently, a diploma in Editing and Publishing.

Marisa is a part-time publishing liasion manager for authors through Ocean Reeve Publishing and current president of the Gold Coast Writers’ Association.

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