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Kerrie Atherton

Kerrie Atherton
‘Stories of HOPE Australia’ author
Kerri Atherton

If there is a woman who has lived many lives in one lifetime, it is Kerrie Atherton.

Kerrie is the founder of Stories of HOPE Australia and EMPOWER Life Solutions, is a Keynote Speaker, Author, Event Host, Trauma and Addictions Recovery Coach/Counsellor and School Program Presenter.

Kerrie’s childhood was far from idyllic. She was sexually abused by a stranger, leaving her riddled with anxiety and depression. She turned to alcohol and pills to cope with the trauma, but it only left her a slave to abusive relationships and a downward spiral that consumed her young life.

After planning suicide at 18, Kerrie walked through the doors of a support group and since that day 37 years ago, has remained clean and sober.

Over the past 30 years, Kerrie has worked in the community helping the very vulnerable find HOPE. Since moving to the Sunshine Coast 15 years ago, she has worked in a voluntary capacity in the community as well as private practice as a trauma and addictions coach/counsellor and mentor building connection and supporting people from all walks of life. She has worked with many young people in crisis at different schools on the Sunshine Coast. Kerrie co-founded a charity called Streetlight with her husband Martin. This ran for six years supporting the homeless and disadvantaged.

In 2018, Kerrie founded Stories of HOPE Australia, a platform which runs monthly events bringing HOPE to the community. With an ambition to share the incredible journeys presented by her guest speakers at these events, Kerrie released her first book, Stories of HOPE Australia, Everyday People, Extraordinary Stories. Now an Ocean Reeve Publishing author, Stories of HOPE Australia, Resilient People, Remarkable Stories is making a splash internationally.

Volume Two includes awe-inspiring stories from:

  • Kerrie Atherton – dealing with the loss of a loved one
  • Andy Fermo – PTSD
  • Donna Thistlethwaite – suicide survivor
  • Matt Towner – recovering from a life-threatening accident
  • Sarah Lawson – living with cerebral palsy
  • Dave McNair – working with the vulnerable
  • Shelagh Brennand – stroke survivor and ambassador
  • Gerry Morris – the miracle man
  • Rachel Pope – finding gifts from grief
  • Justin Geange – a musician’s journey through mental health
  • Kellie Harriden – overcoming infertility
  • Andy Cox – immunocompromised

Kerrie is now going global with her great desire to inspire the masses with this message, ‘No matter what you have gone through in life, recovery and HOPE are definitely possible. Don’t do life alone, we are always better together.’

Her next offering will be under the banner Stories of HOPE Worldwide… watch this space.

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