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Joshua Clifton

Joshua Clifton – published The Hospitality Survival Guide in 2019

Joshua Clifton lives and breathes the hospitality industry. From a young age, Joshua was drawn to this industry and right from the very start had an incredible ability to understand customers and what it takes to build an outstanding business that customers love. From managing all business types across the industry and consulting and mentoring operators, Joshua quickly gained traction and influence within Australia. He interviews and podcasts with Australian leading hospitality professionals and is driving forward a new age of hospitality training that enables today’s businesses to start off on the right foot.

Working in this fast-paced industry Joshua has developed methods and strategies to deal with and minimise high-stress workloads, managing multiple teams and conflict resolutions. His background in marketing also makes him a key person of influence to create strategies to attract customers through social media and strategic partnerships.

He will undoubtedly help you handle your toughest workplace situations, create an unbreakable work culture and engage with your customers on a whole new level. Nicknamed Thor, Joshua brings the ‘hospitality hammer’ down to instil a positive and engaging customer/client relationship whilst maintaining employee engagement. Joshua is also working with Ocean Reeve Publishing as one of the lead Book Marketing Mentors. His effort and success behind The Hospitaltiy Survival Guide prompted the directors to offer him a job.

The Hospitality Survival Guide was a finalist in the AUSTRALIAN BUSINESS BOOK AWARDS 2019 and continues to gain momentum internationally. A shining example of Assisted Independent Publishing success.

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