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Jenny Old

Jenny Old, Author, Ocean Reeve Publishing
Jenny Old

Brought up on a comfortable farm in the Riverina, at twenty-two, Jenny Bull fell in love with Rick Old and went to live and work with him on his property, McAllister, in the Gulf of Carpentaria. There, she faced incredible hardship, living in a hut with not even basic necessities. Her only contact with the outside world was a two-way radio. In this vast empty landscape, she battled drought, flood, fire, and cyclones. For eighteen years she and Rick struggled to stay on in the Gulf, eventually triumphantly turning McAllister into a thriving oasis.

In her new book, Innocent Nurses Abroad, we follow Jenny from her childhood in Deniliquin to boarding school in Sydney, to becoming a reluctant nurse in Melbourne; meeting the ‘amigos’ and then venturing forth into the unknown as innocent nurses abroad.

Follow Jenny on her magnificent journey around 1960’s Europe and beyond, on a bus called Dennis. Imagine cooking spaghetti on a sidewalk in Cannes or crossing the Sahara Desert. Being questioned by soldiers in East Berlin before ‘The Wall’ fell. Dodging the riots in France, Spain, Britain and the spreading unrest across Europe as it begins to prosper and expand.     

This story tells of living and working in London in the 1960’s, travelling abroad, lasting friendships, the social life, and of course, the love affair. How will it end?

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