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Jen Swenson

Jen Swenson Author
Ocean Reeve, Jen Swenson and Jason Smith celebrate the release of Goldie the Unchicken

There are many facets to this warm, fun-loving woman. Many people know Jen through her business, Enthusia Group, where she specialises in bookkeeping & Xero software, but truth be told, her favourite thing is growing people.

Jen is a storyteller and a dreamer and quite unintentionally began sharing life lessons through fun metaphoric characters when speaking publicly. This is how Goldie the Unchicken came about.

A mother of 3 adult children, Mimi to one granddaughter, and CEO of Gold Coast-based business consultancy, Enthusia Group, Jen has decided to go the next level in her creative journey by becoming an author. One of Jen’s favourite things is to combine her passion for personal development and well-loved stories and create a fun metaphor to open up people’s hearts and minds to their own growth journey.

This brought about the creation of her first children’s book, Goldie the Unchicken, which was released late 2019.

During her high school years, Jen was divided about whether to pursue studies in journalism or accounting. After weighing up the options, Jen followed her Dad’s advice (for once in her life) and took the numbers path and she’s never looked back Her love of the English language and unique words such as mollusc, fisticuffs and flummoxed, have meant she has been able to pursue writing and studying her thesaurus as a fulfilling hobby.

In her spare time, Jen can be found championing her cause, enjoying food and conversation with family and friends, horizontally doing chainsaw impressions (in other words, sleeping), overcoming gravity with a barbell on her back or simply daydreaming somewhere.

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