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Jacqui Preugschat

Jacqui Preugschat, Author, Ocean Reeve Publishing
Jacqui Preugschat

Jacqui Preugschat is a Brisbane based happily married mother of 4 beautiful children, who has a passion for encouraging girls to use their talents.  She is also a qualified Special Education Teacher, University Lecturer, and Short Course writer for TAFE.

As a little girl Jacqui spent her school holidays in her grandmother’s dress shop surrounded by elegant things and loved making and creating beautiful things.

Recently Jacqui has directed 3 musicals at the Princess Theatre, was a buyer for a Bridal Store and window dressed a babies, girls, and bridal store in South Australia.

Currently she home schools her 2 girls, directs a Choir on a weekly basis, teaches drama  and runs a girls DIY Arts and Craft group fortnightly, where young girls learn to make beautiful projects.

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