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Dr Pete Stebbins

Dr Pete Stebbins - Ocean Reeve Publishing
Dr Pete Stebbins is a mutli-time published author with Ocean Reeve Publishing

Dr Pete Stebbins, PhD is Australia’s leading expert on High Performance Teams in Education and Director of the High Performance Schools Project.

Prof John Hattie said: “Accomplishing the maximum impact on student learning depends on teams of teachers working together…”. Pete’s big goal is to ensure that ‘every team in every school across Australia is a High Performance Team!’

Over the last 4 years, Pete has worked with 1657 education leaders across 262 schools supporting 6851 teaching and non-teaching staff implementing the High Performance Teams Program. Results show significant improvements in staff and student outcomes within 12 months, fast-tracking change that previously took 4-5 years! Shortening the change journey dramatically improves the lives of both students and staff.

With over 20 years experience, Pete is an enthusiastic facilitator, keynote speaker, guest psychologist on Channel 7 and executive coach. Pete is also a published researcher and author of books on leadership, change, resilience and teams including the best seller “iTeams: Why High Performance Teams ‘Fit In’ AND ‘Stand Out’”.

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