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Dr Mal Mohanlal

Dr Mal Mohanlal - Ocean Reeve Publishing
Dr Mal published The Enchanted Time Traveller in 2012 and republished with Ocean Reeve Publishing in 2019.

Dr. Mal Mohanlal is a family physician who graduated in medicine at the University of Queensland in 1966 and has been in General Practice since 1972. He has special interests in Medical Acupuncture, Clinical Hypnotherapy and Spinal Manipulation. In the past he has been a frequent writer of letters to the editor of various newspapers and medical journals. However, after seeing all the self created misery around in this hypnotic world and increasing mental illness in society, he felt compelled to write this book.

The Enchanted Time Traveller : A Book of Self Knowledge and the Subconscious Mind, origianlly published in 2012, has been republished in 2019 and  is written for people who have become disenchanted and have some insight into their problems, but do not know how to go about solving them. It will benefit anyone who is willing to clear up chaos and confusion in their mind, and bring about some better understanding and transformation in their life.

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Dr Mal Mohanlal