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Dr John Warlow

Dr John Warlow on Vision Radio talking The C.U.R.E. for Life

Dr. John Warlow is an experienced Adult Child and Family Psychiatrist, and as the developer of the Christian Wholeness Framework (CWF), is committed to facilitating the development of Christian mental health professionals.

His goal is to have them become more integrated into and assisting the church to become more appropriate and relevant to the needs of the community. His consulting, teaching and supervision skills have benefited clients, practice their faith and counselling professionals, pastors, and churches, both in Australia and internationally.

John has been running a local church small group for a number of years using the steps and shapes. He has a deep Christian faith and seeks to be a follower of Jesus.

His passion is Christian Wholeness; taking the whole gospel to the whole person! John wrote Living Wholeness, which is an introduction to the framework for professional counselors and co-authored Wholly Coping for the everyday person.

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