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Donna-Leigh Perfect

Donna-Leigh Perfect published and launch The Adventures of Jessie and Rocky Rockstar; Puppy Rescue and Tiger in 2019

Donna-Leigh Perfect is a speaker, author and Dream Guard brings an abundance of energy and charisma to the stage with her real-life story showing abilities, sharing how she overcame childhood trauma and domestic violence by reaching out to lifeline for help. Becoming a lifeline counselor herself with suicide prevention training, Donna-Leigh has taken her expert resilience training techniques to the stage and globe as an inspirational keynote speaker.

You will be spellbound with Donna-leighs delivery and passion as she shares wonderful tools that will enable us to be a connected community.

When Donna was a young girl, she experienced horrific trauma at the age of 7. Then  was separated from her siblings and put into foster homes where she was bullied and abused. While attending one of the 13 foster homes Donna remembers a kind foster mum who used to read stories to her in bed at night. These stories took her on a journey enabling her to escape reality for a short while. Donna will never forget those happy moments.

This is why she has written this beautiful children’s series “The Adventures of Jessie and Rocky Rockstar”. To give the gift of a happy moment and some good old fashioned family values that can be shared by reading these stories with an adult and child. Rocky Rockstar is a special dog and the bond Jessie and Rocky Rockstar share is very unique. While traveling through life’s adventures Rocky Rockstar teaches Jessie everyday life lessons of compassion, believing in herself and building resilience through overcoming adversity. 

The Adventures of Jessie and Rocky Rockstar; Puppy Resuce and Tiger were both published together in late 2019.

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