Woman to Woman: A Guide To Lesbian Sexuality


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This book is for every woman who has ever wondered about lesbian sex. It is for all women who want to know more about their own bodies, their sexual responses and personal pleasurable self-intimacy. Far more than a sex manual, Woman to Woman focuses on all facets of female sexuality and conveys the vibrancy and intimacy of lovemaking between women.

This compact, simply written guide provides accessible and straightforward information about masturbation, orgasm, knowing your own body and sexual health. Emotional aspects of sexual intimacy are explored, including issues of desire, relationship, and acknowledging your sexuality or coming out. Woman to Woman addresses difficulties like meeting people, coping with one’s youth or age, previous sexual abuse, and living with problems like disability and ethnic discrimination.

Factual information is complemented with personal stories and experiences of lesbian women. There is an extensive resource section and bibliography for more specific information. Most importantly, Woman to Woman is all about being a woman and being comfortable and happy in your sexuality.

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