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The Mirror Chamber

The Mirror Chamber


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Eye of Egypt; BOOK TWO The Mirror Chamber

The events and final battle in the sands of Saqqara left Sebastian, along with a misfit group of intrepid characters, with nothing more than the empty amulet box. Its cryptic inscription, however, is something else. It promises a prize beyond their imagination but its location, they believe, is half a world away in South America.

This time around, their old adversaries are more organised and better funded, prepared to do anything to get there first. Civil war, spies, slaves, bounty hunters, treachery, prison, and stolen gold is just the start of their troubles… and on top of that, nothing ever goes to plan.

What is the secret of the Mirror Chamber?

Who has ulterior motives?

There is a lot to discover, a lot to learn and one hell of a dangerous game ahead.

The Mirror Chamber is Book 2 in the EYE OF EGYPT Trilogy. 
To discover where it all began be sure to read the first book EYE OF EGYPT: The Pharaoh’s Greatest Gift.


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