The Lost Unicorn

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The magick surged and spiralled outwards, the thunder cracked and the rift closed. Fyorwyn stared at the place where his parent had vanished…the young unicorn began to feel tears well up in his deep purple eyes. He cried out, but there was no-one there to answer. Guided by some ancient survival instinct, Fyorwyn picked himself up and headed deeper into the forest.

When Cassarn Trelorne, a young Australian archaeologist, is offered her dream job working as an assistant on an excavation in Germany, she is excited beyond belief. However, she soon realises that there’s an adventure with a greater destiny awaiting her.

After a series of extraordinary events, Cassarn is amazed to discover that the old tales of magick, monsters, and mythical creatures are all true.

Unicorns are real, and she’s caught up in the middle of a centuries-long hunt.


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