the DOG TRAINER: From K9 world firsts to murder and mayhem


Gary (Gaz) Jackson will blow your mind in this inspirational and raw autobiography of his dog training career. From many dog training firsts including dogs to detect cancer, cadavers, endangered species and pests; to explosives and drug detection dogs; to the K9 experiments at his dog training facility with over 20,000 dogs in his professional career.

Behind the public figure, Gaz was torn apart by his narcissistic family to be left nearly destroyed, in debt and homeless living in his car. The Dog Trainer will expose the mastermind behind the attempted murder of love and greed; and sickening financial elder abuse. It was the ultimate betrayal by the most unexpected people that would have broken many men. Will Gary survive?

The Dog Trainer will leave you breathless and inspire you with the great Aussie underdog spirit of never giving up.


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97 in stock

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