The Dog Trainer: Death, karma and the battle of wills


The explosive sequel to The Dog Trainer: from K9 world firsts to Murder & Mayhem continues with the raising and training of your new puppy, including how to fix many behaviour problems and conducting adult dog evaluations and tests. Plus, dog bite prevention procedures and aggressive dog safety advice as taught by Gary at his seminars around the world.

Gary evolved from broke and homeless to rebuilding his career as a volunteer, international speaker, and successful published author. Gary’s incredible life story continues with the untimely tragic deaths of several people in The Dog Trainer: from K9 world firsts to Murder & Mayhem.

Gary shares the life story of his uncle Bob, a WWII D-day hero and recipient of the Legion of Honor who cheated death several times, including a fatal vintage plane crash that Gary and Bob were due to be on and escaping a tragic house fire that killed both of his dogs. The media frenzy went all the way to the governor of Queensland, and the French president, Emmanuel Macron.

The community raised heaps of money for Bob after he became a victim of abuse at the hands of an unknown predator who became the sole recipient of his entire estate. Bob, at the age of ninety-eight with limited mental capacity, was driven to his solicitor three times by the predator while under coercive control. The legal fight to stop the predator will shock the nation with the appalling legal system and white-collar criminals and the absolute failure of the government’s departments to stop abuse of the elderly.

The final twist in The Dog Trainer will shock and inspire you with Gary’s incredible resilience in his TRUE life journey as he prepares for his next exciting chapter in life.


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