The Conscious Investor Method


THE CONSCIOUS INVESTOR METHOD is a personal account of how to apply the 3 steps to identifying great share market investments to improve investing results.

Keith Foreman shares his own experiences to illustrate how he personally applies the Conscious Investor® Methodology and Teaminvest* processes. However, the decision is yours on how best to apply the tips and tricks in your own investing. He advocates that it is essential to employ the right mindset. Without a steady mindset, investors will often make irrational decisions influenced by emotion. Consider this as a workbook to guide you when identifying businesses to invest in. Case studies are provided, illustrating the steps to take to help find the great businesses …

what Teaminvest refers to as Wealth Winners®.

There are three distinct steps:

  1. Filter the market to find businesses with great financials.
  2. Undertake in-depth research of each business to identify its ‘moats’, and its inherent risks, and assess the quality of its management and future growth prospects.
  3. Buy shares from the shortened list of businesses, at a ‘sensible price’ and with a Margin of Safety.

*A private investment organisation


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