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The Condamine Bell

The Condamine Bell


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Why is someone so intent on killing a seemingly innocent man?

​Self-assured and work-hardened. ADAM MANN, is a bush-born and bred stockman who has spent his whole life working in the Channel Country.
He innocently arrives in Miles on the Western Downs seeking work and a new life. One long term local suspects who he really is!

A name change never hides the truth for long! Within hours shots are fired; he makes enemies of a powerful cattle connection; he finds a soul mate and family he never knew existed.

​Adam is ostensibly employed on Majalin Downs, a prized Condamine River property to replace an elderly stockman whose murder is being treated by police as a horse riding accident.

Adam’s black-tracking skill discovers the awful truth! Deceit, avarice, jealousy and hate, set in motion an avalanche of murderous and villainous activity, intent on Adam’s demise and overall control of Majalin Downs. Several attempts are made on his life till he is ultimately forced to protect the lives of those he loves from a person no one ever suspected!

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