‘the child’: nameless, faceless, voiceless, and choiceless


Grace Orah is not my real name. However, my story is very real and is sadly the story of many of us who have been forced, against our wishes, onto the bloody battlefield of family law to fight for our children’s lives.

This is a firsthand account of my journey self-representing in the Federal Circuit Court of Australia, and how I won. It is not about blaming men. It is not about fathers versus mothers. It is my real-life record of the struggle between the powerful and the powerless and how I navigated the pathway that doesn’t exist.

I, like many of us, had no financial resources to pay a lawyer. In the end, I spent an affordable AU$450 (in 2020). Plus, I maintained my integrity, and never faltered in my belief that my daughter’s voice should be heard, and her wishes are part of the conversation.

In this book, I  share my mistakes, I share my wins, and I share my insights. But mostly, I share with you a story of hope. If I can take on my abusive ex-husband, his aggressive legal team, and a system that rewards lies and deceit, then you can, too.


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