Thanks for the Mammaries

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Thanks for the Mammaries is an honest recount of author Kate Gale’s journey with cancer. After being diagnosed at the young age of twenty-seven with breast cancer, she fought a hard, uphill battle, stared it in the eye, and won. Life was getting back to normal when tragedy struck Kate’s young family again, when her husband was diagnosed with renal cancer five years later.

What followed was the biggest curveball that Kate had been handed to date when roles were reversed, and she was sitting on the other side of a cancer diagnosis. It opened her eyes to life, what was important, who was important, and which direction she wanted to go in.

Kate had now seen both sides of the disease, from two different perspectives, and knew that she had to break down the barriers that surrounded cancer. Her positive, inspiring, and honest attitude towards her battles are not only refreshing, but something that will leave you wondering what is important to you. Kate shows you how dreaming big, giving back, and having a never give up kind of attitude can turn a negative into a positive whilst continuing to smile.


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6 reviews for Thanks for the Mammaries

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  1. Nicole

    Kate’s book is raw, honest and inspiring. I cried as much as l laughed. l felt like l was feeling every emotion with her as she was writing the words on the page.
    After reading l passed the book to my Mum who, found it the same as me, an absolute MUST read. Mum said at one point she was crying that much she couldn’t see the writing!
    Kate is truly a strong, courageous and resilient women. I, myself, have not endured cancer personally but l could still relate to Kate’s story on so many levels. Thanks for the Mammaries is a must read. As a wise man once said “Do yourself a favour”!
    Thanks for sharing your journey Kate – you are one hell of a women! ❤

  2. Tabitha Ryan

    Kate’s book is an honest and vulnerable encounter of her physical and emotional journey not only as a survivor herself but also as a carer to her husband whilst dealing with the challenges of raising a young family who sadly lived in a world filled with cancer from a very young age.

    Step into Kate’s shoes when you read ‘Thanks for the Mammeries’, her honesty and courage will help you to take time to smell the roses and love the life you live.

    A truly inspirational read.

  3. Kerryn Drew

    Kate you are amazing – what a great read! I read your book in 2 days and loved every word of it. I wish I was was half as strong, as positive and amazing as you. Thanks for writing such a great read – I’m just sorry you’ve had to live parts of it. This book is highly recommended.

  4. Nicole Theobald

    Never have I laughed or cried so much reading about Kate’s battle with cancer and the journey that follows. I won’t give too much away as Thanks for the Mammaries is most definitely a must-read.

  5. Belinda

    As a fellow survivor, it’s been 12 years, I found this book to be so amazing and supportive. To know that what I went through whn I had cancer, other’s have gone through it as well. The book made me cry, cry from all emotions, cry from sadness, cry from happiness and at times cry because it made me relive my own cancer journey again and realise that the feelings and thoughts that I had were similiar to others. It’s true when they say togther we are stronger. What a trurely inspirating and honest book. I highly recommend everyone to read it

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