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SHINE’ing the Spotlight

SHINE’ing the Spotlight


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People simply love reading stories, absorbing information and learning something new from the women whom we showcase in the SHINE Business Women weekly – SHINE’ing the Spotlight – stories.  The women we feature come from all walks of life, live all around the world and have careers and backgrounds that are diverse in every possible way.

Their stories enable us to constantly learn and improve our own lives, gain insights into worlds we sometimes know little about, and be given a peek into life experiences and achievements that we had no former knowledge or awareness of.

So here it is – 52 stories, or a year, of SHINE’ing business women’s stories, to entertain, inspire and enlighten you. These stories give you an insight into women achieving great things (stories that often sneak under the radar or that women don’t perceive to be ‘great’); women juggling a multitude of tasks in any one day; women who are making a positive impact within their business, family and social communities.

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