Set Free Autism and ADHD: Parenting Special Needs’ Children

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A Story of Love Conquers All

This is a tell-all story: the good and the bad of parenting a child with Autism and ADHD. Do you need a laugh, a cry, or release from a heavy subject of diagnosis? Why not flick through the pages of this book. In your hands, you hold an overview of information that I have researched and used. It is filled with strategies and integrated therapy methods, and with parenting tips which have been a saving grace for me and my family.

This is a memoir which I hope will inspire, as it is based on real life experiences and my ongoing research. I’m an ordinary person, not a doctor. I can be an actress Yet, the truth is that I’m a mother, here to tell you a love story where “love conquers all”. Parenting in itself is hard work and a little extra challenging with special needs. If I can do it, you can do it! Parenthood is one of the greatest gifts a person can encounter. Wouldn’t you agree?

Our son has contributed into who I am today, and I hope my family’s story can help your child reach their full potential, as you read about all that I have learnt and applied; it has been a game changer.


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