See The Insane


In the grey space some may call hyperspace, a chaotic war erupts. Time is running out as the chaos encroaches upon reality.

After escaping from the insanity of a black hole, See finds himself in a new universe. There, See is confronted by a stranger who questions his intentions.

See learns of the events that led him to be trapped in the black hole-a journey that starts with him seeking the truth, even if it is insidious. Venture into a dimension amidst the anarchy of war. A war between creation and destruction. A place where there is no time, no right, and no wrong. And join See as he drifts through confusion and confrontation. See must solve a conundrum. Will he make the right choice in the end?

Follow the story as it unfolds, written by the author under the characters’ control.

It’s a game of interdimensional chess where the pawns could be Kings and Queens, and the Kings and Queens fight to the death. There are no stalemates.


36 in stock

36 in stock

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Dimensions 152 × 18 × 229 cm


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