Sai Saileshwara: The Making of a Master


Born into a poor family in Fiji, Saileshwara set out on a quest seeking a cure from a life-threatening condition. Through an extraordinary journey that took him half-way around the world to India, New Zealand, and then Australia, he not only survived, but he transcended his physical and mental limitations, triggering the yogie path to self-realisation. Despite the challenges of having a physical disability, Saileshwara’s mind-blowing and uplifting story reveals some of the superhuman achievements possible on this inward path.

This personal and spiritual story, told by his wife Marina, is an up-close and intimate account of a traditional yogi living a bi-cultural life in the suburbs of Australia with his family, while guided by an ancient mystical world. The reader will be touched by Saileshwara’s enormous capacity to love, guide, and transform seekers on the path of self-knowledge. Sai Saileshwara is living proof you don’t have to retire yourself to a Himalayan cave to master yourself.


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98 in stock

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