Pain-free Networking for Introverts


Do you know that you should network to benefit your business – but the very thought fills you with dread?

Does attending events where you are expected to participate, drain you of energy?

Do you avoid networking for fear of not knowing what to say, what to do or who to talk to?

Introverts face some unique challenges when it comes to networking in a business world that seems to reward more extroverted behaviour. But there is GOOD NEWS – what you may not yet realise is that the very traits you have as an introvert, can be your most valuable assets when it comes to meeting new people and building relationships. I know how you feel – I’m an introvert myself, and I’ve written this book to share my journey from being anxious and lost at business events, to confident and competent in my ability to truly connect and BUILD TRUST. I’ve worked out strategies – easy things we can do to reduce and eventually REMOVE all the PAIN of networking and MAXIMISE the REWARDS. I want to share them with you so you don’t have to go through the same struggles that I did.

Things we can work on together include – Self-care for introverts – Finding the right events for you – Developing your mindset for networking success – How to connect with people – Secrets to making networking look (and feel) easy – The magic of follow up networking has brought so much to my life – wonderful business connections and referrals of course … but also friendships, travel, being part of projects that make the world a better place, and even romance. In short, networking is about OPPORTUNITIES – DON’T MISS OUT!


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