Ourimbah Road

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Sonny has lived his life perpetuated by a lie. His life on the streets of Melbourne, haunted by guilt from a life suppressed in a haze of addiction and mental illness.

Provoked by an unexpected encounter with his wealthy sibling, Amelia, curiosity finds Sonny facing his frugal subsistence. Allured by the comfort of materialism and safety, he finds himself immersed in his past. The truth he has evaded, forces him to question every belief that has kept him on the peripheral of unity with his family.

Charlie, buoyant in her work as a flight attendant, is never in any place long enough to commit to any relationships; transience has enabled her to avoid the darkness plaguing her memory. Disillusion, guilt and heartache are her companions. Will distance keep her safe from the truth that threatens to unravel the web woven to protect her?

Unleashed in his truth, will rage placate Sonny’s psychosis? Can they ever be reconciled, or will Sonny’s actions implicate more suffering?

Ourimbah Road explores the complex relationships of families; the devastation of secrets, lies, abandonment, the inability to help those we love the most, and the most basic human need-connection.


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25 in stock

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