Nose to Tail Workbooks: The Complete Series


Do you dream of a well-mannered dog who is a pleasure to have as a companion? Have you ever thought about training your dog but can’t imagine where you could find time?

In this workbook, the complete ‘Nose to Tail Workbook Series’, Louise will show you how you can easily incorporate training your dog into the busiest of lifestyles. All you will need is basic equipment, some five to ten minute blocks of time, energy, and a sense of humour.

Louise will guide you from the very first steps; from understanding your dog’s personality, your own motivations, setting up your home, building focus, and the importance of training with rewards and motivators; through to applying your knowledge around the home, out and about, and beyond with further adventures.

With tips, tricks, decades of experience, some tasty dog treats, and some easy to play enrichment games, this – complete ‘Nose to Tail Workbook Series’ is a must-have for those looking to develop a trusting and life-long connection with a well-mannered.


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9 in stock

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