Menopause Magic


An inspiring story to and through menopause.

An inspiring memoir that breaks the silence on menopause and other women’s rites of passage. Follow one woman’s journey through her trials and triumphs as she navigates becoming and embracing being a woman.

New challenges emerge for Mia with the onset of menopause. As many women have done before, Mia attempts to navigate this uncharted territory alone. Her familiar mother role begins to fade as, one by one, the fledglings leave the nest, and she realises she is completely lost in the next phase.

This is when her pilgrimage to find her treasure begins. Finally, after many curious encounters, Mia bids farewell to her mother archetype. Embracing her sacred divine feminine within, she not only discovers her new life’s purpose but inner peace as she emerges as a strong autumn woman.


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100 in stock

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