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Language Barrier

Language Barrier


“Don’t judge a book by the title; this story may surprise you.”

At twenty-five, I’ve been told that I’m dying.

How can that happen to me? How do I deal with it?

This is the journey I decided to take. It hasn’t been easy but new information keeps coming at me from all different angles, allowing me to look at ‘life’ differently.

It’s funny how much we think we know but we don’t really.

It’s only when trauma hits us in the face that we decide to look elsewhere to find the answer.

I found the answer for me.

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Daniel Nichols is a seventy-three-year-old pensioner who is told by three angels that he is the Chosen One. His quest is to defeat the Evil that has always plagued mankind.

Armed with a baseball bat and a banana, Daniel sets out on his quest with three angels inside his head as guides. He travels through a number of strange dimensions, meeting heroes, villains and ordinary people. He soon learns that in order to defeat the Evil, he must understand what in hell the Evil really is.

Oh, no! Wave the banana, Daniel. Wave the banana.

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