Know Your Numbers! It’s The ‘Heartbeat’ Of Your Business


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Gavin McGahey is The Business Growth Advisor To The Collision Repair Industry. His specialty is working with the owners of collision repair shops who want to grow more profitable businesses.

The collision repair industry is a tough one, to be sure, and many repair shop owners are stuck with low-percentage profitability. Whether it’s because they aren’t on top of their numbers or they’re having difficulty retaining quality technicians, it’s something shop owners experience industry-wide.

Gavin has formulated an effective blend of software and consultancy to help repair shop owners zero in on the root causes of the challenges they experience in their businesses. The insights derived from his strategy allow them to make the improvements necessary to achieve double-digit profitability.

Gavin’s own journey in the industry spans 40 years, during which time he went from panel-beater to the owner of Planning Plus, a software package that has proven to be indispensable for any collision repair shop owner. Being on both sides of the collision repair shop coin informs Gavin’s sage advice, keen analysis and practical guidance when it comes to the creation of optimal systems and processes.

In Know Your Numbers! It’s The ‘Heartbeat’ Of Your Business, Gavin McGahey shares his comprehensive knowledge as well as his passion for collision repair and supporting body shop owners. His solid foundation as a body shop owner himself, combined with years of dedicated education on software, writing quotes, and best practices in business uniquely qualifies him as an in-demand authority in the automotive industry.

In Gavin’s cutting-edge book, you’ll learn:

  • Why knowing your numbers is vital to your success
  • How to prioritise earning and growth activities
  • The difference between incentivising team performance and building team culture.
  • How understanding your numbers fully can help find diversification opportunities.
  • The formula for achieving double-digit profitability in today’s economy.

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