If You Fall


If you fall off, get straight back on again …

Tracey had been told this so often as a child. Yet, two months after the horse-riding accident, Tracey was still not able to fulfil it. In fact, at that stage, she couldn’t do anything for herself. You’d think that after nearly losing her life and her abilities to live life as it was before because of the riding accident, that she’d be nervous about getting back on a horse. But her love for horses and riding was so deeply ingrained within her that she couldn’t imagine a life without it. Getting back on a horse … she was determined that she would.

Beginning with her fall from a horse, Tracey takes you on her journey of healing from a brain injury that should have disabled her for life. Tracey’s strength of character, toughness, and the love and support received throughout her hospital journey and afterwards shows raw determination to not let her issues win.

This is a compelling story of survival against all the odds.


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Weight 350 g
Dimensions 140 × 10 × 216 cm

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