How I Made Lemonade


Everyone wants the secret recipe of what to do when life hands you lemons.

Angie Mansey has been handed more than her fair share of lemons throughout her lifetime and has become somewhat of a master at turning them into lemonade.

But this is no highlight reel of how a homeless teenage school dropout became a sucessful, multi-award winning businessperson and charity founder/director.

It is unapologetically raw and honest.

Angie was involuntarily locked up in an adult psych unit at 14, homeless at 15, became pregnant at 16, escaped a horrific domestic violence relationship and juggled working as an assistant librarian by day and secretly worked as a stripper at 19 whilst completing high school as a single mother.

Angie’s inspirational story shows how she put the pieces back together after heartbreaking divorces, endured a devastating miscarriage and became a devoted carer for her medically complex son throughout more than 20 surgeries.

Learning how to make lemonade has allowed Angie to create the life she had always dreamed of for her family while becoming an award-winning business owner, philanthropist, community role model and mentor.

Her story may be heart wrenchingly sad in places, but it is powerfully uplifting and courageous. In a world of smoke and mirrors, Angie shows that no one is perfect, life is hard and your past or genetics don’t define you.

This story of hope shows the power of never giving up and defiantly moving forward.


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