Hard Boiled Habits: How to crack the code to a fresh start


This book is about the hottest topic on the planet … YOU!

Change is always part of our life, with much of what you do and how you respond anchored by your habits-some good and some desperately needing an upgrade.

Our recent experiences demanded we reinvent ourselves, to launch into uncertainty and find new ways to live, work, and look after ourselves. The pace of change will continue to accelerate, and we all need to start defining the next version of ourselves. Self-Leadership is the new leadership.

In this book you will discover:

• How to activate stratosheric life skills, examples of human dynamics and personal effectiveness you can immediately apply with spectacular effect.

• Why the invisible phenomenon of edification is the most powerful thing you didn’t know you didn’t know.

• How to create new habits that propel you towards a fresh vision of the future.

• What you can do to make your attitudes your allies, at work and at home.

• At any time, at any age, in any role, you can give yourself a fresh start.

This book is built around formidable principles to help you take control, to reimagine, to embrace new goals and elevate your life moving forward.


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