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Going In Search Of The Past

Going In Search Of The Past


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Follow the path of the Cramer family and their fellow members of an Amateur Archaeology Group as they embark on a holiday to Desert Canyon Country. On this summer vacation, all will attempt to discover remnants of millennia past.

Twists and turns both man-made and natural intertwine with a cataclysmic event that encapsulates the group in the center of a disaster of epic proportions; the result of which finds them and others in a predicament that no one would envy, nor ever imagine.

Circumstances see these adventurers presumably vanishing from the face of the Earth. The story follows the life-changing dedication of the most unlikely of characters and the underlying love of one person for another. As that person strives and struggles through many interactions and imposing odds, attempting to overcome the seemingly impossible. All to achieve an outcome that would be an insurmountable challenge to any human’s devotion to a heartfelt belief and the inability to accept fate, no matter how daunting the odds become.

The story incorporates characters who will make you laugh, weep, question, admire and applaud. Central to these are a group of individuals thrown together in an unplanned and unimaginable situation. Their sometimes humorous but predominantly chaotic interactions and day to day situations keep the reader guessing from start to finish.

It is not a love story; it is an adventure. Yet, encompassing the story is the belief that with love and dedication, no challenge is or appears to be insurmountable.

This novel has the diversity to be enjoyed by anyone who loves the pleasure and adventure of reading, be they young teens through to the most mature of age.

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