All that we believe to be good and acceptable is framed in a worldview. But our worldview also harbours our embedded agendas and biases which have been shaped by countless experiences and traditions. This is the tinted lens through which we see each other and even read the Bible. It often goes unchecked and uncensored. The lens through which we have perceived men and women has gone unchecked and uncensored for too long we’ve been framed.

Too many women throughout the world are still framed by human ideas-ideas that let culture, not God, determine her place in the world, the church, and even her own family. But multiplied millions of women are looking over the church’s shoulder knowing that God’s purposes often stand in opposition to what many people believe. Framed responsibly handles this discussion with clarity and care, humour and homework. It shows us how to clean our cultural lens and expand our Christian worldview so we can adjust our lives to fit the unfolding story.


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