Flower Wild

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When the handsome Mansouri brothers move into Amaroo near Wannamal, they create a buzz of excited expectation among the locals. The brothers, following a lead about their missing brother, Stanton, believe that fortune favours them in a chance meeting with the billionaire Syd Tennyson, the steel and iron ore tycoon.

However, not all is what it seems.

Katja Pearson is a young teenager who lives with her grandparents deep within Wardapi Forest. Katja has inherited her mother’s exquisite beauty and the striking eyes of her father. Katja loves Wardapi as well as Amaroo; the mysterious house located close to where she lives.

There is a spell associated with Katja. Any man who falls in love with her is destined to meet with suffering.

Despite the rumours that circulate about Katja and despite the dangers of associating with her, Casimir Mansouri cannot help falling in love with her …

Flower Wild is a teenage love story set among the glorious backdrop of Western Australia.


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