Finding my Soul at Sea


This isn’t an ordinary working-on-a-cruise-ship story. 

When she took the job as a Social host on a cruise ship, Pip Coleman had no idea that it would lead to discovering her authentic self and opening her up to a new life path.

The first three years of my cruise ship life were intense and full of crazy incidents – including sex, drugs, ships breaking down, Mexican tattoos, and lots more. During the second three years of my cruise ship life, I decided to bring the soul back. 

Pip began to teach meditation and self-development classes onboard; met some incredible, soulful, spiritual people, and learned some wonderful lessons. She also deepened her own journey of spiritual development, connected with departed loved ones, tapped into the wisdom of Rhonda Byrne’s ‘The Secret’, and began manifesting a whole new life.

I was drowning in the triviality of my job until I taught my first Wellness class … I gave myself the gift of fulfillment.

In writing Finding my Soul at Sea, Pip discovered the purpose of her life and her business. She now runs her own business as a Reiki Master, Bowen Therapist, Public speaker, Psychic Development, and Meditation teacher.

Im here to teach people to accept themselves as equally Divine, unique souls. By accepting myself fully, I can model and support self-acceptance for others.


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