Demystifying Excellence


In Demystifying Excellence, Bryne Dzomba describes a personal rediscovery of Excellence. The book is a theological discourse dedicated to a father and an inspired life. The book goes beyond the old and the new to explore a perpetual testament, the Testament of Excellence. It demystifies Excellence in a series of rich insights, from genesis to impressions for the individual. Each theme is thoughtfully presented to guide the reader through a comprehensive reflection on the topic.

The reader will learn how Excellence is revealed and how it manifests through God’s design and divine craftsmanship. Excellence is explored through grace, standards, seasons and spirit. The ‘who’, ‘what’, ‘how’ and ‘where’ of Excellence are explored in the context of service and sonship. After each element is presented, guided by the wisdom of God’s Word, the reader is encouraged to reflect on Excellence by discovering their own presence and their own word.

In each section, the author harmonises a father’s teachings, humbly acknowledged and woven throughout, with a lifetime of thoughtful reflection and meditation. This synthesis results in a book that reflects empowerment, sonship and faith, and wisdom shared from father to son and author to reader.


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