Dangerous Animals In The Home

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Can you recognise a dangerous animal in your home?

Dangerous Animals in the Home is the true story of a woman who, on the surface, has it all: a successful business, popularity, loving family and friends. But beneath the surface, there is much, much, more.

Delivering a raw, real, and insightful portrayal of abuse in the family, Karyn outlines how the actions of one paedophile can affect every aspect of the victim’s life and the lives of those closest.

Laying her heart on her sleeve, Karyn shares the details of failed relationships, self-destructive behaviours, and, despite the underlying trauma, some funny times along the way, which is a testament to the resilience and the power of positive relationships!

This story—ground-breaking in its honesty—aims to dissolve the taboo surrounding the subject of paedophilia, and allow other victims to start a conversation. The antics will have you laughing and crying, but most of all they will make you stop and rethink the subject of abuse in the home.

Strong messages throughout will speak to those who have been wronged by any abuse and provide valuable insight into how to recognise the signs of a dangerous animal in your home.

Proceeds from the sale of the book are being donated to At The Ark www.attheark.org.au


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  1. Alison McGrath

    Honest, candid, raw, hilarious, heartbreaking, real are words to describe Karyn’s autobiography.
    I’ve been privileged to share Karyn’s writing journey. She has shown what vulnerability is. While on the surface vulnerability may seem a weakness, it is not. In fact, it is one of the strongest positions you can be in.
    Karyn shows through her book that vulnerability means you are not afraid to open up, to share your fears, wounds, and flaws. To be brave and share your story which she has done. To have empathy and to speak out creating a ripple of change throughout communities.
    As you read you will enjoy the rollercoaster of emotions; sometimes crying, at times laughing. Enjoy and share Karyn’s story to open up conversations for change.

  2. Dr Margaret Cook

    Dangerous Animals In the Home is much more than one woman’s memoir. At times devastating, and others refreshingly funny, this is a story of resilience, family, and survival. The author’s honest account exposes how easily families are torn apart by secrets that forever change relationships and force people to make uncomfortable choices.

  3. Sandy Thorne

    To speak out to a trusted relative, family friend, teacher, or preferably, the police, is something many children simply cannot bring themselves to do. The potential shame and upheaval in their family prevents them from reaching out. Karyn wants to spread the message: “Do it! Speak up! Save yourself!”. She’s to be applauded and admired for this.
    As an author who’s well aware of the effort it takes to actually produce a work, I salute her for making the time to write her story to help others, despite her very busy life. It has not been easy for her to do this, but she has risen to the challenge. Those who read this book will want to meet her and shake her hand.

  4. Ronsley Seriojo Vas

    As a fellow business owner trying to find and make friends while facing my demons, I resonate with Karyn and her story.
    Everyone’s pain is their pain and I have heard that our greatest gifts lie next to our deepest pain.
    This book will hopefully give you the courage to go deep and find the version of yourself that is true and transparent.
    Producer of audio documentary The Psychology of Entrepreneurship
    Chief Energy Officer at AMPLIFY

  5. Leonie Parslow -Harris

    Drawing on her hard-won experience, Karyn Webber shines a light on the profound and far-reaching impacts of intra-familiar sexual abuse. This is a hard topic to discuss, harder still to speak of from the first-person perspective. In a world where “stranger danger “ is a familiar concept, we educate our children to be wary of the unknown. The notion that children can be quietly and secretly harmed by loved and trusted members of their family circle is largely missing from these conversations. Karyn’s book seeks to address this.
    As a clinician with experience in the field of childhood abuse , I applaud the honesty and courage of the author in telling her story. This story demystifies a taboo topic , and seeks to raise awareness of paedophilia being in our midst, and in some cases in our homes. As a fortunate early reader of this story as it was being shaped, be assured this is not merely a dark cautionary tale. “Dangerous Animals in the Home” is a cracking good read that also celebrates the beauty and joy of childhood, family and relationships. Enjoy the read!

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