A Promise to Peter

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Book sale proceeds are donated to fund brain tumour research at The University of Queensland.

A Promise to Peter is a compilation of poems from a poet who suffered emotional and physical trauma from an early age and who found solace through his poetry.

When Peter Jones (1951 – 2009) was diagnosed with a brain tumour, his wish was to have his life’s work of poetry published and to raise money for brain tumour research. It would take his sister, Diane Carpenter a decade to fulfil this promise, but in 2020 – Promise to Peter has finally made its way to book readers across the country.

Of the decision to see this promise through, Diane said, “Peter was generous with his time, he would help no matter what. He looked after me when we were children. This book is about thanking him and honouring the promise. Here is my promise to Peter.”

Peter had a hard life and along with Diane, grew up in an orphanage in rural Queensland. This difficult experience influenced his poetry and stayed with him throughout his life.

“He used poetry as a productive outlet. He wrote about God, the traumatic experiences in our lives and expressed his inner most thoughts,” Diane said of Peter’s work.

Peter’s poems were also about the people he met along the way.  His clever and insightful way of capturing who they were as a person – is what make his poems so memorable.

“He was just so accurate in the way he captured the people around him in his poetry. It was truly remarkable”.

For Peter, his poems helped to bring inner peace, they gave him a sense of purpose and now they will be used to raise money for brain cancer research.


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