A Decent Life (Book 1)

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What can I do to make a decent life?

What creation of mine betters our world?

Our life is governed by time, told through story. In these stories, lessons are learned, if we are looking. Lessons of self-discipline, greed, choice and soft- determinism; but these choices we make … lead to what?

Are we discovering destiny or is life meaningless chance?

Fate or coincidence? Divinity or meaninglessness? Chance or destiny?

The desire for a decent life, a life of adventure, love and nurture, a life filled with family, choice, opportunity and potential for everyone; that is a decent life. But we find corruption, a society halting progress, immoral, unjust, and we must ask ourselves one simple question: to injustice, what ought to happen?

What price could be worth murder?

Bonded by trust, joined in love, this is a pursuit to rid the world of evil. Through streams of corruption they wade, seeking justice for those whose time and potential was stolen. But evil so vast, corruption so deep, and the greatest enemy is who?

What is the greatest evil?

Dream led, pursuit driven, change; to become what we are not. To be good, we must know evil. To know yourself, you became someone else. It’s duplicity of the self. We own our dreams no more than we own our fingerprint, no more than we chose our own birth.

How can we be forged through something we do not own?

What is A Decent Life?


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